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About Us

About Us- Kabducation

Kabducation is an online-based resource hub targeted to solve most queries across the internet. It has a large resource base and is closed source, i.e., cannot be edited by the public. It is divided into 5 primary divisions; Articles, Opinions, How to’s, Places and People, and Nature. Kabducation also boasts unrivaled aesthetics to differentiate from competitors and some secret tactics that have contributed to Kabducation’s success. Kabducation aims to be your hub for information, not a search engine. We want to attract you to our gorgeous pages through our content and want to be easily accessible to you through all search engines. Here, we strongly promote collaboration too. We publicly disclose our e-mail ID’s whenever we can and even have pages encouraging Guest Posts. With that, let’s get you a little more familiar About Us:


Kabducation was originally a project idea by an 18-year-old Indian college student, Kabir Chibber, who felt there was a real gap for sites that helped with specific things, especially related to schoolwork. He also noticed how many top ranking sites were filled with ads, and were spammy and not pleasant to look at. Other sites like Wikipedia were strongly discouraged to be used by all teachers at his institute. When the COVID pandemic struck in 2020, he, along with two of his friends teamed up to form Kabducation. 

In its early days, Kabducation was a school-only site. Its topics were limited to Maths, Science and Social Studies. Along with this, Kabir and his friends just got into the business and were starting to learn about SEO. After approximately 1 year, Kabducation was getting about 200 users per month, which was not great. The team realized two major problems with the site:

A) Kabducation was capped to only 3 school subjects

B) Kabducation completely neglected the fundamentals of SEO and free social coverage on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and online forums. 

Seeing these issues, Kabir made the call to delete Kabducation on September 23, 2020. But of course, he couldn’t stay away. This time, with only one of his college members, Kabir sought to rebuild Kabducation. The fundamentals of Kabducation now stand on a digital-first knowledge base focusing on a much wider niche. It is divided into 5 major sections; Articles, Opinions, How to’s, Places and People and Nature.


To differentiate Kabducation from its competitors, the website has a few key advantages over its far more well-established competitors. This is where the Philosophy of Kabducation prevails:

  • Kabducation is a closed website, where only professional writers can make edits on verified topics. Internally, Kabducation thought of this as an absolute win. Because all their writers were professionals, they could assure readers quality, which took away worry of institutes who steer away from sites that can be edited by everyone.
  • Kabducation is well-designed. It has a clean and simple UI which stands out among spammy, sometimes unreadable websites. It also effects readers psychologically who might trust the site only by its build. The site is also well-optimised for mobile with with an app expected to come to iOS and Android soon.
  • Kabducation is also devoted to protecting user privacy. We side with many companies like Apple who take a stance for Privacy and truly believe it is a basic right. This focus on privacy means we do not harvest your data for more money. We use default Google Analytics trackers to monitor how many users visit our sites and some trusted Google trackers for delivering advertisements which we try to keep to a minimum.
  • The website is also built from the ground-up on SEO. Its marketing strategy, social promotions and following all but reflect that. Kabducation’s link building strategy is through quality outreaches and the site ensures to build trust among readers.
  • Kabducation also loves collaboration, famously partnering with tech and SEO influencers to make better content. The founder Kabir Chibber has also been focusing on interviewing personalities in the tech industries too. These undisclosed personalities are said to be influencer who will hopefully agree to collaborate in the near future. 
  • The last special part of Kabducation is its email collection. Most sites in the “everything” niche do not collect e-mails, which results in low user retention. “It is one of the best SEO tricks to collect e-mails, not just for SEO but for consistent traffic” says renowned SEO expert Neil Patel, and Kabducation publicly agrees with him. 

Business Model

Kabducation is a for-profit organization. Its business model then is also geared to generate sufficient revenue. However, in an interview, the founders made it clear that Kabducation was for-profit, but valued user experience more. Kabducation purposefully monetizes with the best optimized Google Adsense ads and puts Affiliate links within its content. They are associated with the Amazon affiliate program too. Kabducation has given full disclosure in their Privacy Policy about their association with these monetization methods. The founder, Kabir Chibber also mentioned they are looking to start merchandise lines and a Donation page in the future.

Our Future

At Kabducation, we are constantly trying to grow, make better content, collaborate within our industry and give you, our users the best possible experience. With that in mind, we are looking forward to our future. We will try to grow our site, hire more content writers, produce more content, rank higher and get more users. We want to eliminate the hassle of going through multiple different websites by making Kabducation easily discoverable and by providing the right content. However, we can only do this with your support. Every time you share a post, it means many more users can discover our content. The time you subscribe to our newsletter brings us a step closer to being a better website. If you do all of these, from the bottom of the hearts’ of our entire team, thank you. If you are new here, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and share our content so others can see it. With your help, we will one day reach the top of our industry and we will never forget your support. Let’s make the internet safe, easy and accessible!


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