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WWDC, Apple’s yearly software event, is kicking off on the 6th of June, and tech media is full of speculations about iOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS 13, and possibly realityOS (Apple’s software platform expected to power their upcoming AR/VR headsets). Tech enthusiasts also have their hopes up for many long-awaited features, some more realistic than others.

Amidst the flurry of rumors, leaks and concept renders, we decided to ask some of the best tech content creators what they hope to see most at WWDC this year:

1. MaxTech

iPadOS Pro Mode and Marking iMessages Unread

MaxTech is one of the best tech YouTube channels with almost 1 Million subscribers which often talks about Apple products, news, leaks, and software. Here’s what they hope to see at WWDC this year:

  • The number one feature request is the ability to mark iMessages as unread, the same way you mark e-mails unread. This is important when you don’t have time to read the message in its entirety and dedicate time to reply to it. As a result, you have to try to avoid opening it, else it’s marked unread, it leaves your mind and you forget to reply to it.
  • Another area for improvement which Vadim from MaxTech mentions in the video is iPadOS, particularly in terms of “Pro” features. In iPadOS 16, he hopes to see something like a dedicated mode for “professional tasks” which activates when attaching a keyboard accessory and includes features like a multi-window interface, better multi-tasking, a better file management system, etc. along with support for real “Pro” apps like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Motion, Mainstage, etc.

2. Soldier Knows Best

Apple in AR and VR

Soldier Knows Best is an amazing tech content creator with over 800k subscribers and 200 Million views on YouTube. He talks about everything from laptops, phones, and software to even E-Bikes and headphones. We asked him what he wanted to see most at WWDC, and he replied with the long-rumored Apple AR/VR project, presumably glasses or headsets. Here is what he had to say about the topic:

For WWDC this year, I’m really wanting to see what’s next for Apple in the AR/VR space. It would be cool to at least get a tease at the rumored AR/VR glasses/headsets. Doesn’t have to be a full unveil, but something to get us excited like design or general specs.

When asked about some more detailed expectations with respect to implementation and launch, here is what he said:

I would expect Dev API’s for sure if they announce anything as devs will want enough time to develop for a possible hardware launch next year. Also, in the VR space, Apple acquired the company NextVR a few years ago. They focus on setting up VR cameras at sporting events, concerts, etc. That will be a big part of these new ventures, so if they were to showcase that integration, that will really show how these devices can amplify a users entertainment experience. With the AR glasses, I’m predicting these will be very simple and just the bare essentials because Apple will want these to blend in well in public to make people feel comfortable wearing them, unlike Google Glass. Navigation, texts and calling, store information and things like that should be the focus.

3. Apple Tomorrow

iPadOS 16 “Pro” Upgrades

Apple Tomorrow is a 3D designer who makes concept renders of many tech products based on leaks, primarily focusing on Apple Products like iPhone, Macs and Apple TV. He is a tech enthusiast who was even hired by Apple Insider to make renders. We asked him what he looked forward to most at WWDC, and he replied saying he wanted the biggest changes to be done to iPadOS 16. He is someone who uses their iPad Pro extensively, from studying and note-taking, to planning and blocking out his 3D scenes and renders. Here are the two things he wished his iPad could do better:

1. Make the Files app into Finder

Finder (the Mac file browsing system) is vastly superior to the “Files” alternative on the iPad. As a device marketed to pros, Apple needs to put their most “pro” file management system on the iPad, and that’s the Finder. Finder has much better sorting and search options, as well as the fact it simply supports more file formats. File transfer speeds and progress should be shown, and the file hierarchy should be displayed somewhere in the Ul.

2. A reimagined app strategy.

There are plenty of iPhone apps, well optimized for iPad, however, there are close to zero Mac apps optimized for iPad. We need to see a rethought approach to Mac-iPad cross-functionality, and a clear push for “pro” apps on the iPad at this year’s WWDC.

4. Dalevon Digital

DeX like feature on iPadOS

Dalevon Digital is a published photographer and tech enthusiast who covers tech from all brands on his Twitter and YouTube channel. When asked about the feature he wanted to see most at WWDC, he replied with “Samsung DeX Mode” on the iPad. He details everything in the video above, but here is a quick summary:

DeX Mode on Samsung devices allows you to use your tablet as a laptop, with multi-window functionality. It has excellent monitor support (unlike the black bars you get when connecting an iPad to a monitor because of its 4:3 aspect ratio compared to standard 16:9 or 16:10) and allows you to use your device normally while connected in DeX mode to a monitor. These features can be adopted to iPadOS, which will make it feel more “Pro”, pleasing creative users and making everyday tasks more enjoyable. It will also likely lead to a boost in iPad Pro sales.

5. Alvin

iOS and iPadOS Lifestyle Upgrades

Alvin is a tech enthusiast who primarily posts on Twitter, with a following of over 27k and some of the best tech content on the internet. We asked him what he wished to see at WWDC, and here is how he replied:

Actually, I want iOS and iPadOS to have a huge upgrade. I’m not talking about the overhaul in experience and user interface, but just more essential features that are already available in other manufacturers’ software. For example: scrolling screenshot, faster animation without sacrificing the smoothness, true multitasking, multi-window for iOS, pop-up window, a dedicated mode that will automatically engage when connecting them to a computer (like DeX mode on Samsung devices), better notification management, better low battery notification, and so on. I look forward to seeing this year’s WWDC. Fingers crossed!

6. iCave Dave

Icon Packs for iOS (ThemeKit)

YouTuber and tech enthusiast iCave Dave has garnered a subscriber base of over 10,000 and has amassed almost 2.5 Million views. When asked about his feature request for this year’s WWDC, he replied with Android’s icon packs on iOS. He details everything in the video above, but here is a quick summary:

  • Android has a feature called icon packs, which simply changes the look and color scheme of your app icons, widgets, home screen, etc.
  • “Shortcuts” in iOS 14 added some of this functionality to iOS, but it was a tedious process.
  • For iOS 16, Apple should simply add a store for users to install such themes and apply them with a tap of a button, which will be a huge step for customization while still maintaining the excellent feel of an iPhone.
  • Considering the word “Kit” is commonly used by Apple in naming software features, Dave predicts the implementation of icon packs on iOS will be called ThemeKit.

7. TechWhirl Ultimate

iOS Wishlist

TechWhirl Ultimate is a tech blogger and enthusiast who covers tech from all brands and categories. When asked about his most anticipated feature for WWDC, he replied with an iOS wishlist. Take a look at what he expects to see:

1. A new lock screen design.

2. Better interactive and customizable widgets.

3. Scrolling screenshots.

4. The haptic engine on iPhones is great, but there should be a better implementation of it from the software, and they should add haptics to the default Apple keyboard,

5. A more stable update at launch compared to iOS 15.

6. Better File management.

7. Split Screen and floating windows.

8. RCS Support for iMessage.

9. A “close all apps” button.

8. The Public

We never ignore our viewers

All the creators mentioned here as well as me, the writer of this post, never ignore our audience and their thoughts because they open up brand new perspectives for us. Here are some of the features our audience mentioned in the Twitter thread above (make sure to follow so you can participate too):

  • Interactive Widgets
  • Improving Siri with context + more features to match Google Assistant
  • Biometric integrations with crypto wallets, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum, thus eliminating authentications through potentially malicious apps as mentioned by CTO Larsson.
  • Quick notes on iOS
  • Clipboard history
  • Lockscreen widgets
  • macOS screen recording should include system audio
  • Sound mixer in macOS
  • Configurable key and mouse button re-mapping in macOS
  • TIFF (image format) support
  • Improvement in Apple Music UI and recommendation engine
  • More default apps that can be changed
  • Xcode extensions and plug-ins

This was the mega creators + audience Apple WWDC 2022 features wishlist. Come back at the end of WWDC to see how many of these came true, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on WWDC. Make sure to check out the work of all the creators that participated in this collaboration, and follow me on Twitter so you can be a part of it yourself!

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