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Hello, Kabducation now welcome Guest Post! If you are new to this, let’s break it down

Guest Post- What is it?

Guest Posting is a way for bloggers and authors of other sites or entities to come one to another site ( This page is not for normal users who are just browsing the site, but for experienced writers who want to share their ideas on Kabducation. For casual visitors, click here if you want to contact us.

Why Would you Want to Guest Post here?

Well, the answer is exposure. We know that’s a lame answer, but hear us out. The reasons you want to guest post are:

  • You get your name on this website.
  • We share the content you wrote.
  • You can put a link from your guest post to your own website (provided it’s organic and not spammy).
  • Our visitors will know who you are.
  • We will link out to your social account from your contributer page.

Here’s a post by Neil Patel to explain more.


Alright, with that out of the way, here are the requirements for guest posting on Kabducation:

  • Content must be original (written by you)
  • Content cannot be adult/vulgur
  • Content cannot be less than 400 words (500 and above is preferable)
  • Attach atleast one image
  • There should be no more than 5 external links in a 500 word article or no more than 10 external link in a 1000 word article.
  • It should be grammatically correct.
  • It should be about a topic people are genuinely interested in

Great, now if you feel you are still eligible to write for us, fill out the form below. We will ask you to attach an image later, but for now, the content only, please 🙂

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