The Best Tech of 2022- According to 9 of the Best Tech Creators

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2022 was another fast-paced year for the tech industry, with thousands of new products launching, hundreds of new companies entering the industry and an enormous amount of content being published by creators covering all aspects of the industry. The best tech of 2021 is still holding strong in this new era of tech, and new products are redefining the boundaries of technology 

As we enter 2023, let’s take a few minutes to look back and appreciate the best tech of 2022 from the perspectives of some of the best tech content creators:


Apple Watch Ultra 

MaxTech, one of the most influential and consistent tech YouTube Channels, told us about their favourite tech product of 2022. Their pick was the Apple Watch Ultra. Here are a few things they loved:

  • The Apple Watch Ultra finally brought a redesign to the Apple Watch, with a titanium finish and a more rugged look with a flat screen.
  • The inclusion of a side “action” button is extremely useful.
  • The watch has a significantly better battery life, which lasts almost 3 days.
  • The watch is packed with new features and sensors which aren’t available on any other Apple Watch
  • The screen is brighter and much more durable. It also has the inclusion of night mode, which is surprisingly useful.

Vadim’s runner-up for the Best Tech Product of the Year was the iPad mini 6, which is an all-round enjoyable tablet to use. 


C3STROM Astro Pro Electric Bike

SoldierKnowsBest is one of the oldest and best tech channels on YouTube, which covers all types of tech from traditional phones and laptops to gadgets like e-bikes. His pick for the best tech product of the year was the C3STROM Astro Pro Electric Bike. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Great modern design which almost looks like a cross between an e-bike and a motorcycle.
  • LCD screen that shows useful information
  • Good battery life with a top speed of 32 Miles per Hour.
  • Great companion app which shows useful information and controls.
  • The bike maneuvers well and is overall extremely comfortable 
  • So far, the IndieGoGo pricing is extremely competitive starting at $1699.

His runner up’s for the Best Tech Product of the Year were the Apple Watch Ultra, Insta 360 X3 and DJI Mic.

Dalevon Digital 

Google Pixel Watch

Dalevon Digital is a YouTuber, published photographer and Google enthusiast, who picked the Pixel Watch as his favourite tech product of the year. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It is the first time Google has entered the smartwatch market.
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Great performance with decent battery life
  • Great integration with the Pixel lineup of phones
  • Amazing software features and user interface with WearOS.

Overall the Pixel Watch is one of the best WearOS watches on the market. Although Dalevon mentions there are some issues that he would like Google to fix with software updates.


iPhone 14 Pro Max AND Galaxy S22 Ultra

Alvin is a tech enthusiast whose presence is most prominent on Twitter with over 60 thousand followers. He had a tie for his pick for the best tech of the year. The iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. People often mention an android or an iPhone as their pick, but Alvin’s unique pick has some excellent reasoning behind it. Here is what he had to say:

I have tried multiple phones and other tech products including some laptops, earbuds, and tablets but I still ended up choosing those two phones because of how great and consistent they are.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is an excellent phone for photography, multimedia, and productivity. It is also very consistent in most ways and with the latest couple of updates, the experience of using the phone just got better and better. Even though Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is definitely worse than 8+ Gen 1, I think this is still a worthy phone to get. It is just an awesome all-rounder that can beat phones launched more than 6 months later in a lot of ways.

iPhone 14 Pro Max is also a great all-rounder. The speakers are awesome, iOS feels better than ever, the battery life is great, the performance is excellent, and it also has an incredible videography capability. It is still quite buggy (even right now), but it is an amazing (and underrated) phone. The Dynamic Island is also great and I really love using it (+ those animations are breathtaking).

Both Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max also share one thing in common: they are so beautiful and elegant. I have the Burgundy S22 Ultra and the Deep Purple 14 Pro Max. I think they look so good to the point that I just have to take a look at both phones’ rear sides at least once every day just to admire their beauty.


iCave Dave

M2 MacBook Air

YouTuber and Apple Enthusiast iCave Dave has made some fantastic content throughout 2022 covering every type of Apple News (including his appearance on the technically updated podcast). His pick for the best tech product for 2022 was the M2 MacBook Air. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The sleek redesign made Dave use a laptop for the first time in a while.
  • The 13.6-inch screen is much better to use than the old 13.3-inch screen while keeping the physical body of the MacBook just as compact. 
  • The M2 chip is a powerhouse and still beats the windows competition
  • Battery life is excellent, and the resurrection of the MagSafe port allows for fast charging as well as 2 USB C ports that can be used for purposes other than charging.
  • The 1080p webcam is a massive upgrade. 
  • The midnight colour is one of the best colours ever on a Mac. 

Leo Keller

LG Dual Up Monitor AND M1 Pro Macbook Pro

Leo Keller is a YouTuber, tech enthusiast and an excellent photographer. When asked about his pick for the best piece of tech launched in 2022, he had two options. Launched in 2021, the M1 Pro MacBook Pro is still holding strong for him with excellent performance while photo editing (Lightroom and Photoshop), video editing (DaVinci Resolve) and Graphic Design (Figma). This kind of performance with amazing battery life is something he cannot live without. However, his favourite piece of tech launched in 2022 was the LG Dual Up Monitor. In his words, here’s why:

Great for productivity, especially when editing videos. I love having the script and all the files on a secondary monitor next to the main one. The DualUp is perfect for that. Also, the adjustable ergo stand that comes with it is incredible!

Leo Keller

Direct Tech

Apple Watch Ultra

Petar from Direct Tech is an amazing YouTube content creator producing high-quality tech videos. He believes that the Apple Watch Ultra is the absolute best tech product of 2022. Here’s why:

My best tech of 2022 has to be the Apple watch Ultra, I feel like it has created a whole new level of smartwatch not seen before. I was already a huge fan of the Apple watch due to its incredibly accurate sleep and fitness tracking features, as well as how great it is with keeping up with iMessage and notifications. But the Apple watch Ultra with its 49mm display, titanium body, 3-day battery life, and unique eye-catching rugged design has truly taken the Apple watch to the next level. As someone who works outdoors in bright sunlight, I can truly appreciate the 2000-nit display. I also happen to work in dark environments at times, so I also appreciate the night mode! 

In my opinion, the Apple watch Ultra represents great value too, given the build materials and hardware, the software quality, and support it will have for many years, for the price it’s an incredible smartwatch experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Petar from Direct Tech

GrassRoots Apple

Apple Watch Ultra

Fredward is an Apple fan who follows all news about the company. When asked what his favourite tech product of the year was, he promptly replied with the Apple Watch Ultra. Here’s why:

I have to say my favourite Apple product right now is the Apple Watch ultra not only because of its seriously extended battery life and its expanded edge to edge display but because of its unique health features that are helping me get my physical health back on track

The Apple Watch ultra having LTE built in as a standard has enabled me to have freedom while still being the safest I can be with SOS crash detection, high and low heart rate notifications on top of having iMessage 

Having any type of sight impairment the larger display is a must as not only my parents are able to utilise the expensive display in ways they never thought of before even I am able to use it better then ever doing my running or hiking work out in direct sunlight

Fredward “Grassroots Apple”

Kabir Chibber

Nothing Phone (1)

Hi, I am Kabir Chibber, the author of this post who went to great lengths trying to get the attention of creators to talk about their picks in this post. I am a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast myself and learn from videos posted by almost every tech creator. 

Personally, I like to appreciate products that take a risk but still manage to come out with something that is a useable, finished product. As a result, my pick for the Best Tech Product of 2022 is the Nothing Phone (1), which is a phone by a company by Carl Pei that has decided to enter the hyper-competitive tech industry. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The phone has a unique, eye-catching design. It’s distinguishable from a distance but is based on a very standard iPhone design.
  • The experience of using a Nothing phone is not mind-blowing, but it is simple, minimalistic, and more importantly; complete. There are no outlandish features, but there are absolutely no glaring issues or bugs spoiling the user experience. 
  • Nothing’s marketing is on point. More than their actual phone, their marketing blows me away. Reacting to videos by influencers, getting their CEO to compare the Nothing Phone to an iPhone, and using social media to their advantage is something every company must learn from Nothing. They were also proactive in collecting “smartphone awards” from creators like Mrwhosetheboss and MKBHD, solidifying their relationships with creators.
  • Nothing draws inspiration from and publicly appreciates Apple (a direct competitor), which shows some level of humility from the company. They also follow principles of simplicity, which is great for the user. 
  • Nothing’s pricing is very competitive with great specs and a polished product for the price of a mid-ranger, something almost reminiscent of the old OnePlus.

That wraps up what some of the best tech content creators think were the highlights of tech from 2022. Let’s hope tech companies in 2023 continue to build off this excellent catalog of products and surprise us with the next generation of technology

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